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Raw materials



The clay deposits extracted from the decommissioned opencast brown coal mine and the storage facilities located in the surrounding area form the basis for long-term, decades-long, quality-appropriate, manufacturing of facing bricks, water-struck bricks and pavers.

Our own sand deposits in the immediate vicinity, combined with long-term delivery relationships for iron oxide, manganese and chrome, make it possible to produce a vibrant, natural and constant spectrum of colours.


The mix of sand, clay and
stone powder is finely prepared
by means of the latest roller
mills and mighty edge mills as
preparation for the subsequent shaping.
Our customers’ requirements for
shapes and dimensions are then
realised on an extrusion press with
a pressure of up to 12 bar.






Since 2011, an original Petersen water-struck
press has been extending the possibilities
for shaping and surface design.
This made the product spectrum more
varied and customer requests can be
catered to with a broad range and
individual design possibilities.


The moisture is extracted
from the pressed brick products during
a week of drying at approx. 200 degrees.



They literally "stew in
their own juice".

Setting machine

The clinker’s way from the dryer to the setting
machine to the kiln is fully automatically monitored.


Firing process

The single-week tunnel kiln subjects
the clinker to temperatures up to 1,180 degrees.