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Living Bricks

Naturally beautiful thanks to a "living" play of colors - these are our "Living Bricks". These special sortings were created due to the high demand from various builders, architects and planners. The specific request: hand-shaped assortments that are characterized by a natural, classic look. In order to achieve this unique and characteristic result, different, naturally occurring additives are added to certain grades during production. In addition, another natural factor has an effect on the sorting: weather, such as precipitation, influences the result in storage during or after processing. This makes each product unique, because the added raw material reacts with moisture and thus shapes the individual color play of the sorting. Exactly how this play of colors turns out is not controllable, which accounts for the charm of the "Living Bricks" - a lively, varied and special result for builders and planners who love the brick in its original sense, natural and unique.